For me, who has always been an arcade joystick fan even the keyboard took some getting used to!

I hate joypads with a passion after trying for many years, but I just cannot cope with the hole business of using only your thumb for most of the buttons! I don't know if it's my typing, my playing of instruments like piano and flute that make extensive use of all! fingers, but the hole methodology behind joypad holding I've just not got at all, and that's after trying right back to the days when we first got our snes.

Thus, when i began playing games on the pc, while a million miles better than a joypad the keyboard took significant getting used to, indeed i used to get finger ache from using the curser keys.

now however, I'm extremely! happy with the key board, so much so I haven't even bothered buying the usb adapter for my x arcade joystick to plug into the pc, though it deffinately has one.

So personally I'm all in favour of trying the mouse. it'll stil take getting used to, but is a long way from impossible, afterall if I'd stuck to my comfort zone I'd have never played pc games on the keyboard at all!

And whatever way I think of it, the mouse is better than a joypad, ---- heck for me, playing a game with my nose would be better than a joypad :D.

Beware the grue!


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