Thank you for that Che!  I also believe it will be very cool to see developers 
use the mouse in future titles.  I'm sure your Rail Racer game is going to see 
quite a few more players giving the mouse controls a try.

> Well said and I couldn't agree more!

>    hey jeremy, good for you man.
>    i sent the idea up the flagpole of
> forcing users to use only a mouse with
> rail racer, and got such a massive negative response, i
> ended up putting in
> the option for keyboard support, even though the keyboard
> input isn't as
> accurate, or frankly in my opinion, as fun.
>    i applaud your decision here, its not
> like a mouse is going to break
> anyones bank, and almost all computer systems come with one
> anyhow.
>    Hopefully more AG gamers and developers
> will realize the mouse is a great
> way to interact with our games and it will soon be the norm
> instead of the
> exception.
>    for you folks out there not playing swamp
> because you don't want to break
> out a mouse, your seriously missing potentially the game of
> the year.
>    See you in zombie land.
>    Che

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