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While a challenging game's all good and fun, and I do agree, death has to 
mean something, but there has to be a balance- for those who are, 1: 
Gaming-challenged. and 2: Got a hearing issue as several of us do and have 
no solution yet. 
I must respectfully and vehemently disagree.  We should not conflate the
hearing challenge (which is absolutely a legitimate problem) with lack of
skill in the game.  Let's work on a technical solution for the former and
the latter will (or to my way of thinking should) take care of itself.  That
would do an injustice to those who have put in the time to become more
skillful.  I'm certainly not the top player, in part because while I play to
win, I'm also playing to test which means deliberately pushing the system to
see if it breaks.  But I have picked up some skill by dying a lot.

So let's have optional settings for those with hearing issues that provide
an alternate sighting system that isn't something I have to use but provides
a fair accommodation.  Let us not allow frustration to cause a dumbing down
of this cool game.  If it were mine to choose, death would be absolute and
you'd start zeroed out.  I see a compromise in losing equipment but keeping
reputation, though if experience isn't lost, then eventually everyone is
going to be level 5, whether or not they are skilled players.

                Chris Bartlett

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