Daniel Egger ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Am Die, 2003-08-19 um 11.52 schrieb Sven Neumann:
> > The current helpbrowser does it that way. But, no, it isn't necessary
> > and that's why I wanted to see it discussed. Since Daniel obviously
> > refuses to do that,
> Do not lay words in my mouth!
> >  I won't be able to do work on the implementation.
> This is a poor mans' excuse.
> > I also don't want to work on it any longer unless Daniel changes his
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is what you wanted to say, nothing else. Really sad...

Hi Daniel, Sven.

Would you please *both* step back a bit and look at the mails you just
wrote? They make you both look very silly.

Apparently there are some gripes between you both and you probably
should talk in private mail about that. But I really do not understand
why you seem impossible to discuss this in a reasonable manner.
Threatening to stop development on gimp-help and - vice versa - to
impute that that was the whole point is not helpful at all.

I'd like to ask you to stop discussion for today and tell each other
in a non-pissed off way tomorrow on this list, what you need from each

>From my point of view neither the gimp-help team nor the
gimp-developers-team have proposed a way to do the linking between gimp
and gimp-help and this obviously is necessary to integrate the help
with the Gimp.


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