Sven Neumann wrote:
Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The latter part (save as GIMP pattern) would be trivial, more or
less. Handling the semantics for creqting new patterns in the pattern
dock and duplicating/editting existing patterns is trickier.

Well, there is already a menu entry for saving an image as GIMP pattern; it's nicely handled by a simple Script-Fu.

That's good news, I'd suggest putting it in the File menu then.

Really, I don't
see this as an urgent issue, but sure, if you want to duplicate the
image editing functionality of GIMP in the pattern editor, give it a

I see this like Guillermo - creating a new pattern should bring up the new file dialog, and save the new image silently with an automatically generated filename and a .pat extension. That way, when you click on "New pattern", you get a new image dialog which you handle as usual, and then the .pat "Enter pattern name" dialog to save the pattern. It could be nicer, but I think that's sufficient.

Duplicate is, as Guillermo said, just a copy (well, not quite - I'd see it more like the duplication of a gradient works, and use the GIMP Item code to do it).

Editing a pattern is just opening the file. Almost trivial.

Dragging & dropping images to the pattern dialog is a different matter, and a little more complicated.

The reason why these shortcuts are interesting is because they make making custom patterns obvious for people who don't want or need to know about the contents of .gimp-2.0.


Dave Neary

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