[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-03-31 at 1323.49 +0200):
> > The latter part (save as GIMP pattern) would be trivial, more or
> > less. Handling the semantics for creqting new patterns in the pattern
> > dock and duplicating/editting existing patterns is trickier.

Duplicate would be a file op (cp) and a refresh, no? And new would be
just creating a new image and immediately set the path (it should be
like faking the load of an image).

> Well, there is already a menu entry for saving an image as GIMP
> pattern; it's nicely handled by a simple Script-Fu. Really, I don't
> see this as an urgent issue, but sure, if you want to duplicate the
> image editing functionality of GIMP in the pattern editor, give it a
> try.

>From my point of view, it would be just shortcuts not duplication. At
most an extra feature, so DnDing drawables to pattern selector (like
you can do with toolbox) saves it as pattern directly.

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