Shlomi Fish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Well, now I tried to compile and install gtk-2.6 on Mandrake 10.1. I
> used the Cooker Source RPMs, and compiled them each in
> turn. gtk+-2.6.0 required the new version of pango, which in turn
> required the new version of automake 1.8 to be compiled. The
> compilation of the automake 1.8 RPM took a long time due to the fact
> that all the tests was run. There's a macro in the beginning of the
> RPM SPEC that instructs the tests not to run, so I suggest people
> either set it to false or install the automake-1.8 compiled RPM.

You shouldn't need automake at all. It is even a very bad idea to run
automake / autoconf in a released source tarball. Doing so changes
files that you are not supposed to change. If the src RPM actually
runs automake, someone should fix it.

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