On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 08:12:18PM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Mitch, me and probably others already have some changes pending that
> would introduce a dependency on gtk+-2.6. So far we have usually
> waited until a package reaches debian testing before depending on it.
> Since gtk+-2.6 only just yesterday appeared in debian unstable, this
> would mean waiting at least another nine days. Now I wonder if that's
> worth it. I'd rather ask you to speak up if you want to hack on GIMP
> CVS and a dependency on gtk+-2.6 would cause you serious problems. If
> noone objects, we will bump the minimum required gtk+ version this
> weekend.
i am curious to see what changes having gtk+-2.6 bring to poor gimp.
many of the problems with the 2.4 fileselector get shoved off because of
this great thing called gtk+-2.6.  can we see a screen shot or even
several of the new things?

about the dependency, i just spent the better part of a day wrestling to
get it installed on debian.  upgrading to sid seemed to be the solution
but even then, you have to use the right sources as this newer gtk+ is
not making it to all of them.

before i upgraded to sid, i tried to build it and its dependencies from
the tarball.  this attempt was abandoned when the pango tarball install
broke after running "make install".  i have yet to fix a build problem
that occurs during installation on my own.

i guess that i am of average abilities for installing software; an
average that is slightly better (usually) because i am building on
debian.  if i had problems building pango, i think that several others
(especially those using other distributions) will have many more
problems building the new gtk and its dependents.  on the other hand, it 
will slow down things in bugzilla (maybe) if not so many people are using 
the cvs gimp and the developers will have more time to get ahead with 
whatever those great and wonderful things are.

btw, i had to use gimp-1.2 the other day (the broken color tools which
were fixed right away, thanks) and let me tell you this, totally from a
user perspective.  looks and thumbnails are one thing -- a tool that
works, this is a far better thing.  it was a pure joy to have a file
selector that worked with you and was smart.  sure, i missed the
thumbnail but i actually accomplished the work i needed to do much more
quickly and efficiently.  and got to where i needed to go on my computer
much more quickly without the easy to become stale bookmarks.

meanwhile, gimp is compiling now with gtk+-2.6 -- i am curious to see
what i get from all the initial trouble of installing it.

thanks for your work, everyone.


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