Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:12:17 -0700
   From: Brian Thomason <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


   I am packaging up gimp 2.2.8 for Linspire and have noticed some strange 
   issues in the print dialog that my non-existent C skills have been 
   unable to resolve.

   I'm not the best in the world at describing problems, so I have attached 
   a screenshot to help out a bit.

   Problem 1:

   When the print dialog is open, the orientation is set to "Auto",
   which is good, but none of the default position indentions are
   set. (Left, Right, left Border, etc...)  For the common user, he
   will just hit print when presented with the dialog, and this will
   simply fail as it is.

I'm the project lead for Gutenprint.  Can you describe for me more
specifically what you mean?  Why will it "fail as it is"?

   Problem 2:

   Consequently, as a result of problem 1, the preview pane is "distorted".

   Changing the orientation, alignment, or any such settings solves the 
   problem, but I am unable to achieve these same results by manually 
   calling the various callback functions associated with these actions.  I 
   either end up with a segfault, or simply nothing being changed.

   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What are you trying to do here?

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