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> there is a problem with this new attitude. Why does GIMP try to impose
> this " you will work with xcf or die" dictate?

Because it has always been an XCF editor, not an anything else editor.
Being able to modify images loaded from PNG, JPEG etc is just because
people have created loaders which effectively translate PNG ->
in-memory XCF. Everything else, including PSD, is too
underspecified/basic to handle GIMP images accurately.

> Sure xcf is a good format and has some useful features. However, if I
> want to open (and I mean open, not "import") a png image make a couple
> of simple mods and save it, GIMP is getting in my way and trying to
> impose a one-size-fits-all way of working.
That's because you cannot simply open a png, only import. And this has
always been the case; what you object to is merely: making an idea
that has been implicit in GIMP so far, explicit.

> Here I want to do some simple editing and save. I do not want to
> "export" to a format which the file already had before I opened it,
> neither be bugged about layers being flattened and compression ratios etc.
I believe you are protesting your sudden realization of the inaccurate
way you were thinking of things, here.

> All I require is open: edit: save , in original format with original
> options.

Open, edit, export as XXX (where XXX is original file -- one of the
actions described in the spec.), export settings could be taken from
the info in the original file.
I am concerned about whether this would require you to 'confirm close'
since the image would not be saved as XCF.

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