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>  Should we leave the plug-ins as they are know or bugfix them i18n-wise?

Real design bugs canīt be solved for 1.2, so either we can do it
painlessly or we canīt do it (in 1.2).

>  bugfixing way... Otherwise I would suggest du disable i18n for plug-ins
>  which on the other hand is a bad solution because localisation is a

Iīm not sure.... LANG=de works extraordinarily good for me... no extra
menus or other problems anymore, so I think we should only disable the
languages that donīt work.

>  On the GIMP booth at the Systems we have had some really nice discussions
>  about this, also with firms which use GIMP for web publishing. Just

Yes ;-> But these ideas were mostly aimed at 1.3, no?

Or do we plan to revamp the registry, the i18n system &c before 1.2? no..

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