On 30 Oct, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Real design bugs canīt be solved for 1.2, so either we can do it
> painlessly or we canīt do it (in 1.2).

 Of course....

> Iīm not sure.... LANG=de works extraordinarily good for me... no extra
> > menus or other problems anymore, so I think we should only disable
> the languages that donīt work.

 At the moment the localisation of plug-ins is really buggy. Of course 
 it works flawlessly if you just use LANG=de to test the German menus, but 
 running it a bit longer causes segfaults which are definitely caused by
 bad hacks which "localize" Plug-ins... most developers unfortunately don't 
 have quite a clue of what's going on in this area....

 And I can't think of something more bad than halfdone things... we even
 have Plug-ins which are half-translated... nice feature, right?

 Fix it or forget it.... and fixing it needs some more hours to be put

> Yes ;-> But these ideas were mostly aimed at 1.3, no?

 I didn't mean our discussion but the talks between my person and
 a few people who really use GIMP for earning some money and they'd
 really enjoy a great translation of GIMP into German and possibly would 
 be really grateful for some work here... <hint>

> Or do we plan to revamp the registry, the i18n system &c before 1.2?
> no..

 I really don't know what WE want... I want a bug free GIMP for release 
 and that's definitely some days away, even more if we want to keep
 i18n for plug-ins...

 Note: At the moment featurefreeze is more violated by the changes done
 by for example Michael than by the ideas I'm having which would be
 something like "little changes with big positive effects"...


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