On 29 Oct, David Monniaux wrote:

> I agree with Daniel. I18N maintainers already have too much to do.
> Frankly, I think we should try to ship 1.2 before changing how
> plug-ins are handled.

 It would be really helpful to know the thoughts of other developers or
 even or great maintainer to this topic...

 Should we leave the plug-ins as they are know or bugfix them i18n-wise?
 I do have a proposal on my Palm which would provide an idea for the
 bugfixing way... Otherwise I would suggest du disable i18n for plug-ins
 which on the other hand is a bad solution because localisation is a
 "MUST BE" (tm) for any real work with GIMP outside English spoken
 On the GIMP booth at the Systems we have had some really nice discussions
 about this, also with firms which use GIMP for web publishing. Just
 tell me if you want to know more about this....



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