Marc Lehmann wrote:
> >  Note: At the moment featurefreeze is more violated by the changes done
> >  by for example Michael
> Or Sven! Even worse, Sven's changes required me to add something else
> (which is not bad, but it introduced instabilities again), and Michaels
> changes are very likely to cuase other changes as well... So I'd really
> say: either we feature freeze or we forget 1.2....

I was (or at least tried to be) very careful not to change any external
interface (which I suppose you mean by "cause other changes as well")
with the context changes because playing around with the PDB interface in
freeze mode looks dangerous to me...
So please let me know if you find the semantics of any PDB
brush/color/pattern/gradient function changed and I'll restore the old

> BTW: I appreciated both new features a lot!



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