Hello Again 

There are some major inconsistency or more precisely hard to use functions
in the eraser, the sharpen/blur and dodge/burn tools. 

Pressing Ctrl will change the tool behavior from eraser --> anti-eraser,
blur --> sharpen  and dodge --> burn. 

Pressing Ctrl will in combination with Shift limit the movements/stokes
to horizontal movements. 

Okay so if you want to have only horizontal movements then you also get the
opposite effect i.e sharpen instead of blur. This is _not_ good!!!

Okay so if you want the opposite effect and want to e.g have only
vertical movements? This will not work with short cuts. 

Anyway this will be a mess in short cuts and work around solutions.

I think it's better to remove the "line" drawing function you will
probably not use it as much as you use the short cut to change tool

A small question, why don't we use the AltGr button? 

Cheers Olof

PS: As you might understand I'm adjusting the preliminary 1.0 help system
to Gimp 1.2

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