Selections are the most important tool in image manipulations. The key in
Gimp is to select and so something with the selection.

THATS why it's very important to be able to transform selections. Rotate,
shear, (i.e use the transform tool) on the selection it self.

To day you must have a new empty layer --> make selection --> fill
selection --> transform selection --> anchor selection --> then alpha to
selection --> back to the layer you wanted to have the selection in. 

This is the only way to rotate, shear etc.  the selection it self, this is
_not_ good. This is a task that artists makes every day. I hope we can do
something about it or to be more hard -->This must be changed before 1.2
is out!!

Cheers Olof 


Olof Kylander  Frozenriver Digital Design   http://www.frozenriver.nu

Consultant at Sigma nBiT

Technical writer and coauthor of GUM (the Gimp User Manual)

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