On Monday, 1 Nov 1999, Michael Natterer wrote:

> <shift>+mouse2  --> copy & paste the selection mask or
>                     copy & paste the selection itself (if it's floated)
> <ctrl>+mouse2   --> cut & paste the selection ifself
>                     (works only if it's floated)

But, people like dragging with mouse1 - its more of a psychological
think.  Also, not everyone has a 3 button mouse, so putting too much
on mouse2 is probably bad.

I realise distinguishing between mouse1 click, double click and drag
make the event logic more complex, but I think it's worth it in
reduced number of "help me!" emails.

Note also alt+mouse1 drag on a selection moved the mask itself, so
this feature already exists.  Although many window managers grab alt
for themselves, this tendency should slowly fade away as windows
keyboards slowly become standard.

Sven Neumann wrote:
> So my proposal is:
>  <Shift> is used for line mode in all paint tools
>  <Ctrl>  is the default tool toggle key
>  <Alt>   limits your moevent to 15 degree directions

Check what PhotoShop uses, and use that.  I have hazy memories of
MacPaint and SuperPaint using <shift> to limit to 15 degrees.

Michael Natterer wrote:
> Comments, flames???

I think we have larger problems than UI ones right now, and I suggest
people start fixing them.  Eg:

    - shrink wrap redraws the entire image 3 times (yes, 3!)
    - redundant redraws in a number of other places

These _really_ bite when working with (say) 3000x3000 images.


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