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> Hello
> Selections are the most important tool in image manipulations. The key in
> Gimp is to select and so something with the selection.
> THATS why it's very important to be able to transform selections. Rotate,
> shear, (i.e use the transform tool) on the selection it self.
> To day you must have a new empty layer --> make selection --> fill
> selection --> transform selection --> anchor selection --> then alpha to
> selection --> back to the layer you wanted to have the selection in. 
> This is the only way to rotate, shear etc.  the selection it self, this is
> _not_ good. This is a task that artists makes every day. I hope we can do
> something about it or to be more hard -->This must be changed before 1.2
> is out!!

What if the manipulation of the selection would not float the thing inside
the selection without the user explicitly telling so? In Photoshop there is
a "Nudge Selection" feature, where you make a selection, and use the cursors
to quickly [<-] [->], meaning you press a cursor key once, and then press
the opposite direction once, that acts like "Float Selection" in Gimp.
All transform stuff affects the selection only, unless you "nudge" first.

I dont know if this very hard to implement, but I agree with Olof here that
it would be a Good Thing. On the other hand, is it still more confusing to
new users that want to draw colored rectangles and ellipses with the
selection tools? :)

What do YOU think? :)



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