Tuomas Kuosmanen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> We also have Space if we need something. On Photoshop it is used for
> panning, but Gimp has mouse2 for that. Could Space be a toggle after all for
> the togglable tools? I know we had a talk about this a while back, and we
> agreed that Shift is a "natural" way to "shift" things.. But it is clearly
> conflicting at the moment.. I would be just happy to control the tool
> toggles (erase/antierase, fg/bg fill, blur/sharpen, dodge/burn) with SPACE.

Hmm - what do you think about dropping the panning (Ugh - no - dont beat
me! :-)  I think the Quick-navigation is much more useful and quicker.

So we could use the middle mousebutton for an alternative function, maybe
even a second device with an own context.

Just my 0.01$ :-)

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