On Sun, Oct 31, 1999 at 01:08:03PM +0100, Olof S Kylander wrote:
> Hello Again 
> There are some major inconsistency or more precisely hard to use functions
> in the eraser, the sharpen/blur and dodge/burn tools. 
> Pressing Ctrl will change the tool behavior from eraser --> anti-eraser,
> blur --> sharpen  and dodge --> burn. 
> Pressing Ctrl will in combination with Shift limit the movements/stokes
> to horizontal movements. 
> Okay so if you want to have only horizontal movements then you also get the
> opposite effect i.e sharpen instead of blur. This is _not_ good!!!
> Okay so if you want the opposite effect and want to e.g have only
> vertical movements? This will not work with short cuts. 
> Anyway this will be a mess in short cuts and work around solutions.
> I think it's better to remove the "line" drawing function you will
> probably not use it as much as you use the short cut to change tool
> effect.

I find this annoying too. We simply have too much modifiers or something :)
And I personally dont use the linedraw too much, though I need it sometimes.

But I find the linedraw preview that always is on the way pretty annoying..

> A small question, why don't we use the AltGr button? 

Most people use mouse with their right hand and thus have the left hand on
the keyboard.. And AltGr is pretty far.. But I am left handed, so I'm all
for this :) (no, I dont use the mouse in my left hand though.. I can control
2 pointer-devices simultaneously, navigating menus is IMHO easier with the
mouse than with the tablet pen :)

We also have Space if we need something. On Photoshop it is used for
panning, but Gimp has mouse2 for that. Could Space be a toggle after all for
the togglable tools? I know we had a talk about this a while back, and we
agreed that Shift is a "natural" way to "shift" things.. But it is clearly
conflicting at the moment.. I would be just happy to control the tool
toggles (erase/antierase, fg/bg fill, blur/sharpen, dodge/burn) with SPACE.




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