> Yes, we have to overwork the modifier keys! 

HeHe ;-), it is more or less impossible to know what all of them do.

I'd propose to use only a 
> single modifier for constraining the movement into a special direction. 
> The gradient/blend tool already offers this. Strg/Ctrl are bound to
> horizontal/vertical movements as usual. Shift shows what I am thinking 
> of here: It limits you to 15 degrees steps. IMHO this works quite well 
> and would free up one modifier. It should be possible to find one key 
> that can then be used explicitely for constraints and would never have 
> a different meaning.
> So my proposal is:
>  <Shift> is used for line mode in all paint tools
>  <Ctrl>  is the default tool toggle key
>  <Alt>   limits your moevent to 15 degree directions

> We would have to drop <Alt> for "Allow Enlarging" in the Crop&Resize tool, 
> but I think we could live without that.

I think that would be a _very_ nice solution !!! Lets go for it!!

Cheers Olof

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