> There are some major inconsistency or more precisely hard to use functions
> in the eraser, the sharpen/blur and dodge/burn tools. 
> Pressing Ctrl will change the tool behavior from eraser --> anti-eraser,
> blur --> sharpen  and dodge --> burn. 
> Pressing Ctrl will in combination with Shift limit the movements/stokes
> to horizontal movements. 
> Okay so if you want to have only horizontal movements then you also get the
> opposite effect i.e sharpen instead of blur. This is _not_ good!!!
> Okay so if you want the opposite effect and want to e.g have only
> vertical movements? This will not work with short cuts. 
> Anyway this will be a mess in short cuts and work around solutions.
> I think it's better to remove the "line" drawing function you will
> probably not use it as much as you use the short cut to change tool
> effect.

Yes, we have to overwork the modifier keys! I'd propose to use only a 
single modifier for constraining the movement into a special direction. 
The gradient/blend tool already offers this. Strg/Ctrl are bound to
horizontal/vertical movements as usual. Shift shows what I am thinking 
of here: It limits you to 15 degrees steps. IMHO this works quite well 
and would free up one modifier. It should be possible to find one key 
that can then be used explicitely for constraints and would never have 
a different meaning.

So my proposal is:
 <Shift> is used for line mode in all paint tools
 <Ctrl>  is the default tool toggle key
 <Alt>   limits your moevent to 15 degree directions

We would have to drop <Alt> for "Allow Enlarging" in the Crop&Resize tool, 
but I think we could live without that.

Salut, Sven

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