Thus spoke Federico Mena Quintero
> It is rather annoying to have to think about which is which every time
> you want to perform one of these operations.  "Set Canvas Size" and
> "Scale Image" or are better labels.

The difference in the actual operation performed is subtle, so finding
words to describe the difference (especially if you limit it to what can
fit in a menu) will be difficult.  

These two are as good as any I've heard so far.  The only thing about it is
that I'm not sure the rest of the menus and documentation refers to the
Image Window (as I've always called it) as the "Canvas".  I think Canvas is
appropriate terminology and probably better than Image Window, but a check
should be made to be certain the term is used consistantly to refer to the
window in which the composite image is displayed.

I suspect a similar change would need to be made to the Layer menu, ie "Set
Layer Size" instead of "Layer Resize".  Just for consistancy sake. 

I think I missed a posting - I didn't see the one with the changes proposed
for menus.
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