On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 11:50:53AM -0700, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> Thus spoke Federico Mena Quintero
> > It is rather annoying to have to think about which is which every time
> > you want to perform one of these operations.  "Set Canvas Size" and
> > "Scale Image" or are better labels.
> The difference in the actual operation performed is subtle, so finding
> words to describe the difference (especially if you limit it to what can
> fit in a menu) will be difficult.  

        Resize Canvas and Scale Image ?

> These two are as good as any I've heard so far.  The only thing about it is
> that I'm not sure the rest of the menus and documentation refers to the
> Image Window (as I've always called it) as the "Canvas".  I think Canvas is
> appropriate terminology and probably better than Image Window, but a check
> should be made to be certain the term is used consistantly to refer to the
> window in which the composite image is displayed.
> I suspect a similar change would need to be made to the Layer menu, ie "Set
> Layer Size" instead of "Layer Resize".  Just for consistancy sake. 

Resize Layer and Resize Canvas would be consistent, but what do others
think? I dont want to be too pushy on these :) But I like the term "Canvas".


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