>  These two are as good as any I've heard so far.  The only thing about it is
>  that I'm not sure the rest of the menus and documentation refers to the
>  Image Window (as I've always called it) as the "Canvas".  I think Canvas is
>  appropriate terminology and probably better than Image Window, but a check
>  should be made to be certain the term is used consistantly to refer to the
>  window in which the composite image is displayed.

If the documentation is calling canvases "image windows", then the
documentation should be fixed :-)  Image windows are simply views onto
the data.

[This has nothing to do with the "canvas" things in the GIMP's source;
in there these are the actual view widgets.  From the user's point of
view, a canvas is the bounding box of an image.]

>  I suspect a similar change would need to be made to the Layer menu, ie "Set
>  Layer Size" instead of "Layer Resize".  Just for consistancy sake. 

Good point.


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