On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 12:10:16AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Probably "You cannot read/modify/list/do anything with the colormaps in
> the gimp."

Well, the mail I replied to (from Kelly I think) talked about indexed
palettes or colourmaps or somesuch, and the word indexed to me means
the kind applied to INDEXED images. So I explained how to get at them
from the PDB, but there's a much EASIER way for the other kind.

Gimp palettes are files :)

> If you have ever asked yourself why the "Smooth colour palette"-plug-in
> outputs an image and not a colormap, than you now know why.

I just assumed someone thought it was better that way.

You can open, examine, edit and save the Gimp's palette files, I do not
know what this particular application is, but I should think that it
would need to be a Gimp plug-in only because it's convenient to invoke
it from the Gimp. The palette files are of a simple, easily parsed
format and compatability with other similar formats is trivial to
arrange if it seems appropriate.

Hey - This might be perfect for a Perl plug-in, since it does text
munging and should preferably be written without breaking the
feature freeze - no?

> I hope somebody will find it critical enough to implement the PDB
> interface ;)

We shouldn't add more PDB interfaces to 1.1.x unless they fix a bug

fopen() works here. I think Gimp 1.0.x shipped with a plug-in I wrote
that took just this approach(*). The only thing missing then was a good
PDB interface to refresh the palette lists, if that still doesn't
exist it would be a good first patch for 1.3.x -- unlike INDEXED
the ordinary palettes will probably still be a good idea in 2001 :)


(*) That plug-in is now gone not because it didn't work, but because
its functionality belonged in the core, where I eventually put it.

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