On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 02:38:07AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> So plug-ins should duplicate the palette file parser, scan all direcrories
> where gimp looks for palette files to find the palette is looking for, and
> then restart gimp to take notice of the changed files?

"duplicate the palette file parser" rather overstates the problem, if
you take a look at the file format you'll wonder what all the fuss is
about -- it's not even High School Chemistry, let alone Rocket Science

The fabled "Swiss Army Chainsaw" ought to make short work of it.

The modern Gimp ships with exactly ONE, count them, directory in the
palette search path, so for a quick fix (yes, that's what this is,
otherwise I wouldn't have proposed using Perl) we can use an existing
PDB lookup to guess the correct directory in < 1 line of code.

Then you open a dialog which says 'Sorry about this old chap, but
I'm afraid you'll have to click "Refresh" in the poorly designed
Palette Edit dialog, we promise to make this less evil in a future
incarnation of the Gimp'. All done.

> That's fine. This just means that palettes cannot be managed via plug-ins,
> just as was said before.

I happen to think that the above is better than admitting defeat and
saying "We can't do that AT ALL". If a user agrees sooner or later
they'll do it themselves (canny wee people users).

Anyway, I suppose it's about time that I looked closely at what was
originally requested, to figure out who I should suggest this Perl
hacking exercise to (you will accept it if they write it Marc, right?)


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