On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 01:31:52AM +0000, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well, the mail I replied to (from Kelly I think) talked about indexed
> palettes or colourmaps or somesuch, and the word indexed to me means
> the kind applied to INDEXED images. So I explained how to get at them
> from the PDB,

Sure ;)

> but there's a much EASIER way for the other kind.
> Gimp palettes are files :)

So plug-ins should duplicate the palette file parser, scan all direcrories
where gimp looks for palette files to find the palette is looking for, and
then restart gimp to take notice of the changed files?

> You can open, examine, edit and save the Gimp's palette files, I do not

Not programmatically.

> Hey - This might be perfect for a Perl plug-in, since it does text
> munging and should preferably be written without breaking the
> feature freeze - no?

No. It's just insensible to duplicate code and make it a hassle for
developers when the code already exists within the gimp. Especially since
there is no way to make gimp _find_ your palette file after you have
written it.

> > I hope somebody will find it critical enough to implement the PDB
> > interface ;)
> We shouldn't add more PDB interfaces to 1.1.x unless they fix a bug

That's fine. This just means that palettes cannot be managed via plug-ins,
just as was said before.

> fopen() works here. 


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