On  1 Feb, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

>>  Great... so maybe you can tell us what we'd gain from using gnome in
>>  GIMP. Now tell us: what would we get for linking against another
>>  bunch of libraries?
> 1/ economy of coding

 Uhm, more concrete?

> 2/ better integration

 Into the GNOME desktop? At best this should be optional...

> 3/ total bloat reduction (if the user already uses other programs 
>    linked with the same libraru)

 I'm sorry to tell you, but although I'm trying to compile gnome from
 time to time I don't use any application that DEPENDS on GNOME and
 I'm really happy about that....

> 4/ it was a discussion about using *selected* libraries, like
> gnome-print,    not the *entire* gnome framework.

 gnome-print depends on gnome-libs, doesn't it? At least I can't
 compile it right now without it. That would mean that we have to
 additionally link at least against gnome-print, gnome-libs,
 libart_lgpl, gnome-xml, gconf, ORBIT...
 Hm, seems well worth the effort...  :)) Maybe there could be a plugin
 that integrates well into GNOME but you wouldn't want to make the whole
 GIMP depend on it, would you? 

 I prefer a print plugin that works without gnome...



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