On  1 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> You don't seem to be very familiar with gnome-libs, especially not
> with the progress that was/is being made towards the next release.
 Uhm, not quite except that I'm trying to compile it every three days...

>  gnome-print   for printing (preview, native printer drivers, a nice
>  print dialog)

 Optionally, OK....

>  gnome-font    for font-rendering (don't know if gnome-2.0 will have
>  this)

 I doubt that this would be of any real use, we want to have first class
 rendering into GIMP with no eye on speed and such opposing to the
 font-rendering of applications where rerendering happens quite often...

> gnome-canvas  for the UI (he draw routines we use on the gimp
> canvas are very difficult to handle, using objects that can be connected
> to and emit signals would make our live much easier)

 I didn't really get your point here....

>  libart        provides convenient and optimized functions for all
> sorts of affine transformations

 Okay, I wouldn't even mind to make libart mandantory...

> gdk-pixbuf   
> image-loading and simple (but fast) transformations (we may want
> to use this to implement a proper brush and patterns system
> since it integrates nicely with libart which would give us
> scalable, rotatable brushes/patterns for free)

 Optionally this would be okay, although I prefer Rastermans Imlib2...
 It may be that gdk-pixbuf focuses too much on the needs of a desktop
 or were there any other reasons to go away from Imlib?

>  gconf         for configuration (have a look into the code for the 
>                preferences-dialog, it sucks badly ...)

 I think the preferences dialog is very nice, anyway I'd prefer using
 XML as a save format for configureations and even for scripts. This would make
 macro recording possible...
 But having a centric configuration possibility for GIMP doesn't make
 any sense to me.... anyone out there who would like to configure it via
 GNOMEs control-center or via console? :)) 

>  gtkhtml       seems to be a very nice replacement for gtkxmhtml
>  ...

 Okay, for the help system... optional....

> Now, tell me why we should recode all this on our own. It would not
> only be ridiculous to do so, I can also assure you that it is beyond
> our limits due to limited resources of good developers willing to
> spend their time to do it.

 I don't think we should avoid using new technologies for every price
 but we should avoid linking against megabytes of libraries just for having
 a possibility to print or render a nice UI....

> On the other hand, a lot depends on the GNOME people. I hope that
> their goal is to provide a bloat-free set of portable libraries that
> don't depend on too much other stuff we don't want to use.

 We'll see....



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