>  XML as a save format for configureations and even for scripts. This would make
>  macro recording possible...

Macro recording and XML are two *completely* orthogonal things. Macro
recording gets possible by programming it, not by using a difefrent format
to save config files.

I wonder where people get all their funny ideas about XML lately...

>  GNOMEs control-center or via console? :)) 

Console, yes! But not using gnome ;->

>  I don't think we should avoid using new technologies for every price
>  but we should avoid linking against megabytes of libraries just for having
>  a possibility to print or render a nice UI....

Indeed, as was said already: most of the gnome stuff does not have much to
do with gnome, except that there are artificial dependencies to gnome. As
seperated entities they would be much more useful (even if _named_ gnome).

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