From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 01:32:38 +0100

   You don't seem to be very familiar with gnome-libs, especially not with the
   progress that was/is being made towards the next release. Without going into
   details, I see lots of good stuff we could use, like

    gnome-print   for printing (preview, native printer drivers, a nice print 

Ugh.  Native print drivers don't belong in there (and before anyone
points out that they don't belong in the Gimp, you're right, which is
why a major part of our road map is to remove them and put them into
Ghostscript or CUPS or pdq or whatever the low level printing standard
winds up becoming).

    gnome-font    for font-rendering (don't know if gnome-2.0 will have this)
    gnome-canvas  for the UI (he draw routines we use on the gimp canvas are
                  very difficult to handle, using objects that can be connexted 
                  and emit signals would make our live much easier)
    libart        provides convenient and optimized functions for all sorts of
                  affine transformations
    gdk-pixbuf    image-loading and simple (but fast) transformations (we may 
                  to use this to implement a proper brush and patterns system 
                  it integrates nicely with libart which would give us scalable, 
                  rotatable brushes/patterns for free)
    gconf         for configuration (have a look into the code for the 
                  preferences-dialog, it sucks badly ...)
    gtkhtml       seems to be a very nice replacement for gtkxmhtml

   On the other hand, a lot depends on the GNOME people. I hope that
   their goal is to provide a bloat-free set of portable libraries
   that don't depend on too much other stuff we don't want to use.

I'd argue that except for gconf and MAYBE gnome-canvas none of this
stuff belongs in GNOME at all; these are all very generic facilities
that shouldn't depend on any of the IPC, desktop, etc. stuff.
Otherwise we wind up with the same kind of confusion and versioning
problems that Windows has suffered with for so long.

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