On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 01:32:38AM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> You don't seem to be very familiar with gnome-libs, especially not with the
> progress that was/is being made towards the next release. Without going into
> details, I see lots of good stuff we could use, like


>  gnome-canvas  for the UI (he draw routines we use on the gimp canvas are
>                very difficult to handle, using objects that can be connexted 
> to
>                and emit signals would make our live much easier)

Which would be *incredibly* useful if separated into it's own library.

>  libart        provides convenient and optimized functions for all sorts of
>                affine transformations

Has nothing but a libc dependency.

>  gdk-pixbuf    image-loading and simple (but fast) transformations (we may 
> want
>                to use this to implement a proper brush and patterns system 
> since
>                it integrates nicely with libart which would give us scalable, 
>                rotatable brushes/patterns for free)

Which, if gnome-canvas was extracted from gnomeui, would only depend on
libart and some gfx format libs.

So, if gnome-canvas was a bit more self-contained, I think it can be a core
dependency, and would certainly take the headache out of doing a lot of

All other gnome stuff is basically just gravy (although some of it is
very tasty gravy.. think bonobo container layers for your favorite vector
app) and can be made optional.


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