On  1 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> This is supposed to be first class font-rendering and if it prooves to
> be useful, I see no reason not to use it, even it has gnome printed
> on it.

 Well, if it really is first class rendering, then I'd like to see it
 in GIMP.... I haven't yet seen this package, is it in the CVS?

>> > gnome-canvas  for the UI (he draw routines we use on the gimp
>> > canvas are very difficult to handle, using objects that can be
>> > connected to and emit signals would make our live much easier)
>>  I didn't really get your point here....
> Look into the code that handles the bezier_curves UI. A good part of 
> that code is doing nothing but checking if the mouse is on a
> control-point. Now imagine the control-points were objects that emit 
> signals like enter, leave, clicked etc. Do you start getting my point?

 Now I do.... but AFAIK gnome-canvas is a fixed part of gnome-libs, or
 am I anybody working on seperating it? 

>>  Okay, I wouldn't even mind to make libart mandantory...
> Why? libart was developed explictely to work w/o gnome-libs. It's an
> extremly useful library that fits perfectly to our needs.

 Uhm, maybe I just can't get no real English sentence out of my
 keyboard, in other words: Okay, go for it, link it to the GIMP.... :))

>>  Optionally this would be okay, although I prefer Rastermans
>>  Imlib2... It may be that gdk-pixbuf focuses too much on the needs of
>>  a desktop or were there any other reasons to go away from Imlib?
> All I know about Imlib2 is that is has a lot of features we will never
> need.

 For example? Everything that is in Imlib2 so far would be also usable
 for the kind of actions you mentioned....

> I don't see why gdk-pixbuf looks desktop-centric to you,

 That's my conclusion from the GNOME team wlaking away from Imlib and
 Imlib2... why else should they do that?

> but it certainly has a small memory-footprint, is fast and it
> integrates nicely with GTK+.

 GTK+? You meant gdk I guess and so does Imlib as well....

>>  I think the preferences dialog is very nice, anyway I'd prefer using
>>  XML as a save format for configureations and even for scripts.
>>  This would make macro recording possible... But having a centric
>>  configuration possibility for GIMP doesn't make any sense to me....
>>  anyone out there who would like to configure it via GNOMEs
>>  control-center or via console? :))

> Did I say control-center?

 gconf is the new replacement for the control-center....

> Daniel, this is FUD! You talk about using XML.

 Sven, gconf uses gnome-xml for storing preferences data, and that's
 something I really like about it....

> Do you want to write your own parser?

 Why? It's already there... and I really like the idea of getting away
 from our current system...

> I'm not advertising  gnome-conf since I don't know much about it, I
> just mentioned it as an example of stuff that might be of interest.

 Well, gconf is designed as a general purpose configuration system which
 can use several backends for storing it's data and several frontends for
 modifying preferences.

> Let's argue about using GNOME. It does not make sense to turn your
> head only if something has GNOME written on it.

 I don't have anything against GNOME... I like it in fact because the
 whole desktop environment has a small memory footprint and is fast
 compared with KDE. But I really doubt it is good for ANY big project
 which is not really related to GNOME to depend on it....

> And remember: this has
> nothing to do with the desktop, the control-center or whatever. All we
> are talking about is if we want to use selected parts of the
> libraries that evolved around gnome. The good thing about these libs
> is that they are maintained and integrate nicely with GTK+ and its
> object system.

 Great, then we're on the same side....

> As said before, a lot depends on the will of the GNOME people to
> release those libs in small packages without throwing too much
> gnome-specific stuff into them. I think we would already use the
> canvas now if it would have been released seperately.

>  (gnome-xml)    <- not sure if we will need this one

 I think this could be very useful....

> With the execption of the canvas all this is AFAIK already available
> outside of gnome-libs. 

 Sven, I don't really know why you are arguing against me; It really
 seems like we do have the same things in mind so let's spend our time
 on realising them....



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