On 27/10/2010 17:16, Ulf-D. Ehlert wrote:
> IMHO, whenever a text explains how to do something (here: how to
> create a channel) it's definitely not a text for the glossary.

I agree!

> My current glossary entry reads:
> Still not perfect, but it seems better than current situation.

Reads pretty well to me :)

> (I wonder if we should move the "Mask" entry of the glossary to the
> Basic Concepts too.)

The contents structure isn't quite right, is it? My view would be to have very 
simple Basic Concepts but link from there to, for example, sections 7 and 8 - 
where selections, layers etc ought to be more fully explained.

So my hunch would be to put the 'mask' stuff in sections 7/8 too - it's not 
really a basic concept - it's a more advanced use of layers/selections.

I have actually re-written some of the Basic Concepts - will share with you 
later - away for the weekend now. I've rewritten some of the selection mask 
stuff too.

Another couple of ideas:
In the Glossary it might help to link to the fuller descriptions?

"Section 8: Combining Images" really needs to be renamed (using layers is not 
the only way to combine images, and text has little to do with combining 
images).    I'd prefer it split -  "Section 8: Layers", and then a new section 
"Section 9: Text". Of course everything below then has to be renumbered

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