David (Thursday, 28. October 2010)
> On 27/10/2010 17:16, Ulf-D. Ehlert wrote:
> > My current glossary entry reads:

> Reads pretty well to me :)

Since there are no other comments (and no objections) I will push my 
changes in the next days.

> So my hunch would be to put the 'mask' stuff in sections 7/8 too -
> it's not really a basic concept - it's a more advanced use of
> layers/selections.

Hmm, sounds reasonable to me...

> I have actually re-written some of the Basic Concepts - will share
> with you later - away for the weekend now. I've rewritten some of
> the selection mask stuff too.

Aah! :-)

> Another couple of ideas:
> In the Glossary it might help to link to the fuller descriptions?

If a detailed description exists: yes, of course. (It's just so easy 
to forget it.)
> "Section 8: Combining Images" really needs to be renamed

Fine with me.

> (using layers is not the only way to combine images, 

That's no problem, but there are no other ways described.

> and text has little to do with combining images).

Quite apart from "Font Problems"...

> I'd prefer it split -  "Section
> 8: Layers", and then a new section "Section 9: Text".

Again, sounds reasonable.

> Of course everything below then has to be renumbered 

Numbering is done automatically by the DocBook stylesheets.


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