David (Tuesday, 09. November 2010)
> > So shouldn't we ask someone who had never worked with
> > GIMP or had never tried to read the manual? ;-)
> That *is* me, isn't it? ("a new user perspective")

Are you kidding?! ;-)
> Actually I was referring to the page content on eg the 'basic
> concepts' page, where the writing and the pictures are closer
> together in my version than in the existing version - allows you
> to see more on one screen

(Oops, I didn't check the links...)
Yes, your Basic Concepts page looks fine. :-)

So we have several proposed improvements, and if I see it correctly 
they are more or less independent of each other:

(1) Compact layout. 
This is mostly a matter of the chosen style(sheet):
We (you?) could create an alternate stylesheet , e.g. "compact.css" 
(starting with a copy of gimp-help-screen.css) and change text layout 
etc. according to your suggestions. (And we can make it the default 
stylesheet at any time.)

BTW, the HTML pages read "gimp-help-custom.css" if this stylesheet 
exists (by default it does not), so that's a good place to apply and 
test your changes in the real world.

(1.1) Floating images.
It seems that too ;-) many people like them, so we should provide a 
way to enable floating images.
Of course it is possible to make *all* images (exception: icons) 
float, but I'd prefer to add a modified DocBook-XSL template which 
passes some attribute to HTML (e.g.
        <inlinemediaobject condition="float">),
where we can select it with CSS.
Then we can control which images should float (I think the most 
figures - especially large figures - should not).

I can add the appropriate changes for inlinemediaobjects - graphics 
without title or caption. If needed we can do the same for 
mediaobjects - graphics without title but with optional caption - and 
figures - graphics with title and optional caption. Ok?

(Alternative approach: create an alternate stylesheet.) 

> It would be, although even with 2 levels it would still miss basic
> concepts, layers, selections. But that would be a vast improvement
> in my view :). And if people could not find what they wanted from
> that, we'd know the structure was wrong...

(2) Compact tocs (without changes).
This is simple, just change the controlling xslt parameters. (If we 
really do this, we should try to generate a deep toc as appendix or 

(3) Rename some chapters.
Just list your suggested changes, and unless there are any 
objections/problems we will apply them.

(4) Changed Basic Concepts.
Hmm, looks good to me - any comments?

(5) Rearrange (resort, merge, etc.) chapters (concepts and usage).
Looks good too. IMO we should try to implement and test this in a new 
branch and see if we like it.


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