David (Tuesday, 02. November 2010)
> I think Basic Concepts should be an overview, just to get people
> started, and should link out to the fuller descriptions. Currently
> we have fuller descriptions for Layers (albeit currently called
> 'Combining Images'), for Selections (called 'Painting with GIMP'),

No, there's no "Selections" section called "Painting with GIMP":
II.7.1+2 ("Selection" and "Creating and Using Selections") are 
subsections of II.7 ("Painting with GIMP").
BTW, maybe we should merge 7.1 + 7.2...

> for Undo (actually called 'Undoing' ;) )

Is 'Undoing' wrong?

> and for Scripting (with Plug-ins thrown in there).
> There doesn't seem to be a section with a fuller description for
> Channels - and my suggestion would be that there *ought* to be  -

Hmm, this would be logical.

> and that would be the best place to put the current Glossary
> content.

Yes, but then (IMHO) this text had to be expanded, e.g. by stealing 
some stuff from the "Channels Dialog" chapter, adding examples and 
figures, etc.

And if/when we change it, we should also handle
        ("effect of deactivating RGBA channels"),

so ...

> I'm not sure whether that could be done now, or whether it should
> be split out later.

... I think we should do it later.


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