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On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 08:51:03PM +0100, Ulf-D. Ehlert wrote:
> (1) Compact layout. 
> This is mostly a matter of the chosen style(sheet):
> We (you?) could create an alternate stylesheet , e.g. "compact.css" 
> (starting with a copy of gimp-help-screen.css) and change text layout 
> etc. according to your suggestions. (And we can make it the default 
> stylesheet at any time.)
> BTW, the HTML pages read "gimp-help-custom.css" if this stylesheet 
> exists (by default it does not), so that's a good place to apply and 
> test your changes in the real world.
Just keep in mind with those changes, that the GIMP Help browser uses
almost the same stylesheets. Perhaps it is not the desirable goal to
have a compact layout for the user who downloaded the manual or uses the
help browser to browse the manual.

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