Am 09.01.2016 um 23:25 schrieb coadde:

I've been thinking a lot about a solution for it, then it popped into my
head... "why don't create a new one based on classic GIMP theme? [5]"
Using 'classic' gimp-prefs-icon-theme is not an option. In symbolic icon theme it would be nearly identical to 'gimp-duplicate', soon quite similar to 'gimp-images' and it alraedy resemples 'gimp-default-colors'.

Using 'same-same but different' makes sense where actions are similar.

What I'm searching is an icon, an idea which is capable to act as 'symbol for all symbols'. Maybe I'm to stupid or less-educated (I'm aware of symbol, the artist formerly known as prince) but nothing comes to my mind here.

My idea to use yin/yang is quite identical to the use of 'Mona-Lisa' when it comes to pictures. 'Mona-Lisa' is one the most used pictures in the world, and therefore acts as picture for all pictures. A quick search showed that yin/yang is (except undoubtable religious, political ....) one of the most used symbols.

So if somebody has a better idea than using yin/yang: please propose.



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