No religious symbol or piece of information whatsoever has the potential to offend me, and I would like others to hold to the same standard. No matter how slanted, distasteful, incorrect, bigoted or libelous a form of expression is; only physical damage constitutes an offence to me. If I don't like an idea I fight it with another idea (or just disregard it), not with victimhood and censorship.

Le sam. 9 janv. 2016 à 17:25, Jorge Araya Navarro <> a écrit :
In my opinion, secularism is not neutrality (if that is what you mean by neutrality), if you ask me,

I would like to hear more because your opinion sounds wrong by definition to me. Note that I'm not advocating the removal of the symbol. For this particular symbol I don't care either way.

it would be an unfair imposition

Under free software imposition is impossible, by definition. It can be attempted but it's pretty much futile. Go ahead positively infusing a doctrine in every Parabola package if you like; I won't be restrained. Moreover, I think it's your right to do so, for software is not a State but ought to be your property to modify and distribute. Just don't expect me to use those packages, at least in that form.

on those parabolers who do practice a religion

The symbol can only be there or not, and multiple religions exist. So according to you the removal of such symbol is an imposition by secularists on practicioners of some Asian religions, but its staying is not an imposition of some Asian religion on a Catholic Christian like you. Does not compute.

as secularism holds a set of doctrines about the world that are contrary to, i.e.: mine.

This sounds amusing. Do you advocate theocracies, the desaparition of freedom of religion, or something like that?

This is to say that, we should do such a fuzz about this.

El sábado 09 de enero del 2016 a las 1625 horas, coadde escribió:

Hi guys, some days ago, i found a Ying Yang icon that is being used as
 Symbolic icon theme [0]. Since it is part of concept of Chinese folk
 religion [1], in my opinion it lacks of neutrality.

So, i've posted a report about it to bugzilla [2]. In the middle of the discussion, i've put that use a heraldic shield (proposal of liam [3]) could be a good idea; however, i didn't paid attention that a heraldic
 shield represents a imperialist symbol [4] that is opposite of my
 principles, sorry about that :(

I've been thinking a lot about a solution for it, then it popped into my head... "why don't create a new one based on classic GIMP theme? [5]" It could be proposed as an idea for Klaus that, as Jehan says [6], "he is kind of the de-facto icon boss for the time being. :-)", however i think is better open a consensus to encourage community participation to make
 a appropriate logo for it and help him too. What do you think guys?


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