On 01/09/2016 08:25 PM, Jorge Araya Navarro wrote:
> In my opinion, secularism is not neutrality (if that is what you mean by 
> neutrality), if you ask me,
> it would be an unfair imposition on those parabolers who do practice a 
> religion as secularism holds
> a set of doctrines about the world that are contrary to, i.e.: mine.

I'm catholic like you, however consider Ying Yang, star of David, Nazar
amulet, cross for symbolizing an icon as "a symbol for all images" [0]
is a non-impartial point of view, also sounds imperative for a software
as GIMP that is being used for a lot of users with different point of
views around the world, i think coadde means it, not secularism.

Since GIMP is a raster graphics editor software, why don't use a symbol
that represents it? (eg. ink brush or Wilber), you could create
different ink brushes and/or Wilbers in one image for symbolizing an icon.

Also that, coadde says "create a new one based on classic GIMP theme"
isn't a bad idea too :)


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