El sáb, 09-01-2016 a las 17:25 -0600, Jorge Araya Navarro escribió:
> In my opinion, secularism is not neutrality (if that is what you mean
> by neutrality), if you ask me,
> it would be an unfair imposition on those parabolers who do practice
> a religion as secularism holds
> a set of doctrines about the world that are contrary to, i.e.: mine.
> This is to say that, we should do such a fuzz about this.

Jorge: This mailing list and the program hold no relationship with any
religion, so leaving religion aside is a way to avoid problems.
There are many religions, and using symbols that represent one religion
could be offensive to members of a different religion. So yes,
secularism here is a way of being neutral on religion.
Because religion has nothing to do here and it's completely off-topic.


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