> I suspect though that you have misunderstood my use case.
>User: lets say he wants so save image with transparance as jpg, clicks save
>Gimp: you have to use export
>User: Export to jpg
>Gimp: ok! (no message that transparance got lost)
>User: click exit
>Gimp: Sure? not saved!
>User: uh, I just exported it, oh yeah right exporting is not saving. But it's 
>exported, so my changes are safe. Agree!

And this is where your use case is wrong! The whole point of
separating save and export is that ONLY save is "safe".  An export is
NOT guaranteed to be either safe or lossless.  It may be,  depending
on the source image.  Your example exactly demonstrates the purpose of
the new paradigm.

-Rob A >
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