On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 3:23 AM, Jay Smith wrote:

> In return, I got back a dismissive reply

You didn't :)

> that IMHO completely ignored the
> intent of what I was trying to say.

If I skip some bits, it doesn't mean that I don't read them or
disagree. It also can mean that I agree and merely reply to the bits
that I disagree or want to clarify (otherwise goddamn long threads get
even longer :)). Which is exactly the case here.

> In summary, IF nearly every one of the developers responses included some
> version of the following statement, nearly half of your "long threads" would
> vanish and life would be good:
>  "We understand _____ presents a difficult situation for some
>   users and we regret the impact that this has had on you.
>   Unfortunately, we had to make difficult choices in the subject
>   of _______ and the result is that the program will no longer
>   fit the workflow of some users.  We feel that the changes we
>   have made will be to the benefit of the majority of the user
>   community and we are dedicated to continuing the improvement
>   of Gimp for the target user community.  We appreciate your
>   loyalty to Gimp and hope that you will find a way to adjust
>   your workflows so that Gimp's new behavior will work well
>   for you.  Thank you for expressing your concern.  Please know
>   that we have heard you, even if the changes we have had to make
>   are not favorable for you, and that we will continue to work
>   on improving the program to be the best that it can be for
>   the target user community."

I can use that in the new FAQ with your permission. How about that?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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