> Also, when you export the image to a JPEG, if suddenly your open image
> window "disappears", well that is not supposed to happen at all and sounds
> something like a GIMP program crash, but we don't have enough information
> as is to determine that.  And when GIMP crashes, you at least get a message
> telling you in no ambiguous terms that something crashed.

No, GIMP is not crashing.
The  pix.xcf is still on the screen.

Old way:   Create file 300x300, work on it.
Save as orchard.xcf, all layers intact, everything fine.
Scaled image to 72x72, named it Orchard-scaled.png (or .jpg if that's what
they ask for).
I then had that Orchard-scaled.png on my screen and I could make changes if
I wanted to before mailing it.
It seems I can't do that any more.
Now, if I want to see my 72x72 Orchard-scaled.png, I have to open it, and
as soon as I open it, it becomes
a file that I can't mail because it's no longer a .png.
So my Q, is there a way to open that .png, keep it a .png,  tweak it if I
want to, save the .png and mail it?

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