Can I offer my interpretation of this communication breakdown? Apologies to Liam for previously not "replying to list." Helen opens myfile.jpg with gimp. She saves myfile.jpg and it becomes myfile.xcf. She can't see myfile.jpg any more to see what it looks like. She exports myfile.xcf to myfile.jpg and that's fine, the jpg is saved but it is not displayed. If the xcf had been saved, she is looking at the xcf. If the xcf had not been saved and she exported myfile.jpg to a jpg file, she is now looking at "untitled.xcf." She can not see the jpg. I thought this was phrase was self evident but: "myfile.jpg" is no longer present in the title bar of the the window containing the image that used to be "myfile.jpg." It is my understanding that she wants to see what "myfile.jpg" looks like. That is the file that she will be using in her work, not "untitled.xcf" and she wants to be sure it looks like she wants it to look. Liam's e-mail response was: "

Why not? Why can't she see it? Where is she looking? And why did it go

She can't see it because the file name is no longer in the title bar of the window. She is apparently looking in the title bar of the image window--that off color strip that displays the file name of the image in the window. Why did it go away? As in, "why did it change from 'myfile.jpg' to 'untitled.xcf?'" That's the $10,000,000 dollar question. NB I have no problems with the current save/export features of gimp. I am not jumping into any flame wars but at the same time maybe someone could take the filters of that flame war off and take a second look at Helen's question. If I can understand it, I'm sure others can.

Helen, open up an instance of windows explorer, put it in icon mode (extra large) and browse to where you saved your file--there's your jpg. If all you want to do is see it, click on it and it will open in your default image viewer. If you want to edit it, keep working on the file that is open in gimp (there's no need to open the exported file and it's probably better not to because exported files do not contain all of gimp's layers and effects).

On 1/10/2014 4:26 PM, Liam R E Quin wrote:
On Fri, 2014-01-10 at 15:19 -0500, Helen wrote:
Ok, I'm trying, but this just doesn't make sense to me.
You're saying I was never able to see my file after I "save as" to png or
jpg, in
prior versions of GIMP.
Helen, I think what's going on here is a question of people using words
differently, or more or less precisely.

None of us can "see" files unless we take apart the computer, get out a
microsocope, and look at the surface of the disk.  No, I'm not being a
smart-ass :-), what I mean is this:

The only way we "see" a file normally is if some program or other shows
it to us.

So when you say a file disappears, or you can't see a file, please tell
us where exactly you were seeing it before - on the deskop? In a gimp
window? On the list of programs at the bottom of your screen?

Then, which buttons exactly did you press in GIMP so that you no longer
saw it? E.g. don't say, "I saved it", say,
In gimp 2.8,
(1) choose file->quit
(2) when the prompt appears, "if you quit you will lose 20 hours of
work", press "save"
(3) now gimp is no longer displaying my file and has gone away.
In gimp 2.6,
(1) choose file->save
(2) select a filename "happyboy.jpg" and press OK
(3) press OK to save the file
(4) GIMP is still displaying the file and the title of the window says

In other words tell us exactly what you're doing, in both versions of
gimp, as if you were telling someone else sitting at your desk how to
operate the computer. Then say what you expected to see, what you
actually saw, and what exactly was the difference.

If it's a bug we's like to understand and fix it.

if it's a problem with the manual, or a place where GIMP is harder to
use than it could be, we'd like to know that too.

I love your drawings, by the way.


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