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> Can I offer my interpretation of this communication breakdown? Apologies
> to Liam for previously not "replying to list."
> Helen opens myfile.jpg with gimp. She saves myfile.jpg and it becomes
> myfile.xcf. She can't see myfile.jpg any more to see what it looks like.
> She exports myfile.xcf to myfile.jpg and that's fine, the jpg is saved
> but it is not displayed. If the xcf had been saved, she is looking at
> the xcf. If the xcf had not been saved and she exported myfile.jpg to a
> jpg file, she is now looking at "untitled.xcf." She can not see the jpg.
> I thought this was phrase was self evident but: "myfile.jpg" is no
> longer present in the title bar of the the window containing the image
> that used to be "myfile.jpg." It is my understanding that she wants to
> see what "myfile.jpg" looks like. That is the file that she will be
> using in her work, not "untitled.xcf" and she wants to be sure it looks
> like she wants it to look. Liam's e-mail response was: "
> Why not? Why can't she see it? Where is she looking? And why did it go
> away?"
> She can't see it because the file name is no longer in the title bar of
> the window. She is apparently looking in the title bar of the image
> window--that off color strip that displays the file name of the image in
> the window. Why did it go away? As in, "why did it change from
> 'myfile.jpg' to 'untitled.xcf?'" That's the $10,000,000 dollar question.
> NB I have no problems with the current save/export features of gimp. I
> am not jumping into any flame wars but at the same time maybe someone
> could take the filters of that flame war off and take a second look at
> Helen's question. If I can understand it, I'm sure others can.
> Helen, open up an instance of windows explorer, put it in icon mode
> (extra large) and browse to where you saved your file--there's your jpg.
> If all you want to do is see it, click on it and it will open in your
> default image viewer. If you want to edit it, keep working on the file
> that is open in gimp (there's no need to open the exported file and it's
> probably better not to because exported files do not contain all of
> gimp's layers and effects).

If this is about the text shown in the titlebar of the current image window I agree there might be something a little quirky here. Let's see...:

1 - Open any convenient JPG file. Note the title bar will read "[filename-minus-extension] (imported)". 2 - Export a copy of it somewhere convenient ("temp.jpg" or whatever). The titlebar changes to reflect the exported filename (again minus extension) and notes "(exported)" instead of "(imported)".

When I export an imported jpg (without first saving it) the title bar changes from as you noted in step one to "[UNTITLED]-1.0 (COLOR SPACE, N LAYER) XxY--GIMP" where N is the number of layers and X and Y are the dimensions in pixels. I tested it in windows, I'll try again in Linux as there could be a difference
3 - Now save it (as an XCF). The titlebar now reads as "filename.xcf". The "exported" or "imported" note disappears completely. 4 - Export it again. Since it's now linked to an XCF file, the titlebar shows the XCF file and this does not change to reflect the latest export.

So to me it's clear that the display logic for the image window titlebar is something like: 1 - If there's an XCF file associated with the current image, display the XCF file name in the titlebar. 2 - Otherwise, if there is a non-XCF file associated with the current image, display the file name in the title bar, minus extension, with parentheses, and note if the image has been recently imported/exported. The import/export status does not reflect the image's clean/dirty state.

I'm okay with how this works for the most part, but I do have one question - in case number two (known import/export file but no saved XCF) why does the titlebar NOT include the extension of the imported/exported filename?

From my perspective, the active file hasn't been "saved" so there's no extension to put in the title bar. I assumed that I would get a warning upon closing gimp when I exported the jpg but did not save anything but I also didn't do anything to the file.Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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