On Sat, 2014-01-11 at 15:54 -0500, Helen wrote:
> And, Liam, I believe this is what you're asking.  In 2.8, I save every few
> minutes with File > Save.  I see a brief less than a second progress bar
> but nothing changes.  All is well.  At some point later, the picture is
> (more or less, sort of) finished,
> and I want to send it somewhere.   I go through four steps:  File > Save
> (just to be sure) and then File > export.  I confirm,
> a longer (10 seconds?) progress bar, and then the image is gone.

OK, so I think what you are saying is the preview image from JPEG export
is gone. If so, yes, that's true. What happens with 2.8 is that the
preview opens in a new window which is closed when the export is
finished. What happened in earlier versions was that an extra layer was
added temporarily on top of the open image, and then that preview layer
was deleted when the save finished.

The new window is very disruptive if you have several GIMP images open,
because GIMP isn't (today) smart enough to remember which one you were
saving, and it goes back to some other image window most of the time.

But the image in memory is still open in GIMP, just as with earlier
versions, and the JPEG preview image is gne, just as it went away with
previous versions.


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