Hi Jon,

Thanks for your response.

At 11:18 PM 2002/6/7 -0500, Jon Winters wrote:
>I've never seen Gimp tutorials in PDF format.  You might want to poke 
>around freshmeat.net or sourceforge to find a PDF printing filter.  You 
>could load an HTML tutorial in your browser and "print to PDF" and then do 
>what you please as long as you don't violate the copyright of the web author.
>Why the PDF format??

Gimp user's manuals has PDF version.  You are right, most manuals in HTML 
Framed / Ordinary version.  PDF version is much smaller in file size than 
HTML version.  But this is not my point looking for a PDF version of the 
tutorial "Tutorial Pointers Page" in following website


They are web-pages.  Then I have to save all of them page by page.  It 
shall take a lengthy time to complete not including the time to print them 
to a .pdf file.

Anyway I will to take a browse on Internet.



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